Partial Dentures

Unlike a complete denture that replaces all of your teeth, a partial denture is a removable appliance that replaces only some teeth. A removable partial denture allows a patient who has teeth but are also missing teeth a simple solution to restoring their dental health. By replacing the patientís missing teeth with a partial, function, speech, the ability to chew and appearance can be reestablished.

There are several types of removable partial dentures. The traditional version on processed with a metal base and acrylic with metal clasps (wire clips) to hold it into place. An immediate partial can also be processed the same as a complete denture and delivered immediately following an extraction. The difference in the two is primarily the design which lacks the metal foundation, which provides strength and longer term use.

A removable partial can also be made so that it does not show the metal clasps. The process does require several appointments and a longer period of time to process; but the result is much more esthetically pleasing and a much more functional appliance. The process involves placing crowns on the teeth the traditional partial clasps around. The crowns will have a special attachment on the back of them which will allow the partial to "snap" onto the crown. The result is limited movement of the partial while speaking and chewing and no fear of clasps breaking or getting loose.