Bonding is a simple process of using tooth color material to your own tooth. Bonding can be used for teeth that have been chipped, fill in gaps, change the color of your tooth or even reattach a broken piece of your tooth. Once the process is complete you will have a sculpted, polished tooth blending to your natural smile.


The bonding procedure can often be completed in a single office visit, and can improve the appearance of a tooth significantly. However, since the plastic resin used is not as strong as your natural tooth enamel, it is more likely to stain, chip or break than natural teeth. Bonding may not be the ideal option for patients who have teeth with heavy wear due to their bite, or who will require an extensive bonded restoration may need to consider porcelain veneers or crowns for a predictable long term result.

Broken front tooth

After Bonding

Before Bonding

After Bonding